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What is Konguru Sales Management?

Visit Reports

  • How do you follow your sales team?

  • Still using spreadsheet programs?

  • Which calls did your team make on which customer?

  • What projects do you follow?

  • Can you track what you are doing in the projects you assign to the sales team?

You can follow the visits of your team with the Konguru Visit Reports panel and make your comments more successful by making comments.


  • How can I contact my clients visited by my team?

  • Who has my employee left?

With Konguru Contacts, all these questions disappear and the employees who leave your team no longer take the customers with them. You can reach all your customers at any time.


  • How many visits did we have this month?

  • Which employee has better visit performance?

  • How many projects have been assigned?

  • Which team's field performance is better?

With Konguru Analiz, all these questions are answered. You can also follow your data visually via live Heat Map or Live Chart.


  • Looking for a platform where you can add your company to the foreground?

  • Do you want to show the completed projects in detail and create awareness with your real references?

You can bring your company to the forefront in this platform specific to the construction world and end all your searches with Konguru Firms. In addition, you can easily manage your team and company from anywhere by defining your Team Members and Companies through the system.


  • Would you like to plan which companies or projects your team will visit?

  • Would you like to improve your visit performance by adding a list of tasks to your team assignments?

  • Do you want to easily follow the projects or companies assigned to you?

You can easily assign Company or Project to your team thanks to Assignments in Konguru Sales Management. In addition, you can follow the assigned team member, you can add a list of jobs you want to be done during the interview. You can intervene during the interview by checking the notes entered into the system instantly.

Architects, Contractors, Engineers, and more!
Annual business volume of the construction sector on Earth about 5 trillion dollars. We, the employees of this sector, spend our lifes to create hundreds of projects higher and deeper, faster and safer every year.
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