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Industry-Specific CRM Application
Graphics that will make your work easier and make a difference on the road to success

It will guide your work in a strategic direction with filters and detailed graphics specific to sales processes.
It will help you achieve maximum success in short and medium term sales opportunities.

Construction Industry Specific – Reports and More

Every $1 invested in CRM returns $8 in earnings.

Konguru, which is preferred by many construction companies, takes the concept of CRM one step further for the construction industry.

Konguru was designed specifically for the needs of the industry. It breaks new ground in project-based marketing management with its advanced reporting system. It enables you to follow all stages analytically from start to finish, and to have control over every stage of the sales processes. It offers a unique CRM function specific to the construction industry, with graphical data that helps you make the most accurate decisions, and many more features.

Customer Visits Gain Maximum Efficiency

All visit reports of your sales team are here. Again with useful and guiding filters! Moreover, with an easy-to-use program interface.

Connects local and international sales teams

Konguru offers a structure that brings dealers under one roof.
In this way, you can easily manage your corporate sales network and you will not miss any sales opportunity.

All you have to do is define your dealers on Konguru and add the employees who need to support them as team members. Thus, you can see which projects even hundreds of team members are working on, which projects need support, and your dealers' project sales success rates.

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