About us

Konguru is the meeting point of the construction world.

With its sales-based, developed and specially designed CRM application, it contributes to the maximum efficiency of the companies in the sector.

Konguru is an advanced marketing system focused on the construction industry.

In construction projects, many decisions such as material selection and determination of the target audience are taken at the project stage.

Follow up is also important. Konguru provides full control over every stage of the project.
Not only does it undertake the CRM function. It is an advanced marketing program specially designed for the construction industry.

Konguru, the local and international CRM platform of the construction world, helps companies save time,
enables them to systematically and effectively manage their high workload. It promises more efficient sales management and higher commercial success with its functional and user-friendly
structure prepared specifically for the sector.

Special CRM Application for Construction Industry

Time is very important in business. So is the follow-up and effective management of the sales team.
You develop and improve your business processes by using the time and the opportunities you have correctly. You contribute to your corporate continuity.

By managing sales processes correctly and efficiently, you maximize your sales, turnover, and in short, your commercial success.

If the CRM management you need for this is in a structure created specifically for the construction industry and giving importance to the expectations of the industry, the benefit you will receive will be at the highest level. Konguru was designed with this mission. It has facilitated the work of many companies in the sector and increased their sales figures. Take a step to raise your success graph even higher. Meet Konguru.

Unique Marketing Management

Conguru offers a holistic marketing system, not just a CRM solution.

Since the selection of materials to be used in the project in the construction sector is mostly done during the creation phase of the project, it is important to start marketing activities at the project stage. It is even more important to follow the processes until they turn into sales. Konguru exists so that you can best manage every stage of these processes. It breathes life into your marketing process.

  • Save time
  • Efficient use of the workforce
  • Extra strong & stable customer relations
  • Increased sales
  • An impersonal, seamless workflow

With Konguru, the marketing process is independent and uninterrupted. Job opportunities missed due to the departure of the employees, the process of getting to know the jobs of the new personnel, the disconnections with the customers become a thing of the past. The new member of the team continues the process from where it left off.

Continuous, systematic, efficient marketing process = maximum and sustainable success.

Digital Network Connecting Sales Teams

Konguru brings dealers under one roof. Thus, it allows you to easily manage your corporate sales network and not miss any sales opportunity.

What you need to do is to define your dealers on Konguru and add employees who need to support them as team members. In this way, you can see which projects even hundreds of team members are working on, which projects need support, and your dealers' project sales success rates.

Projects easily and successfully executed with international teams

Conguru allows projects to be managed by international teams. All teams designated for the project in any country can work in coordination with Konguru. Reports can be translated with a single click.

Konguru means success in the construction industry.

Konguru.com is a Turkcell business partner.