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The annual business volume of the construction sector in the world about 5 trillion dollars. We, the employees of this sector, in more highs and deeper each year, faster and safer to implement these projects we spend hundreds of thousands of projects to life.

The architects and engineers to hundreds of thousands of projects, the course of millions of kinds of materials , to choose suitable materials, and technical data related to these materials are spending millions of work hours to spend on the project as of right.

material manufacturers and their suppliers, in every country, every city and even every project requested technical requirements to be able to learn them they still spends millions of work hours in order to provide appropriate documents.

Sales engineers, sales people, service providers which are doing visited by millions every year in order to follow and visit projects in different locations in traffic of more concentrated in cities every day to offer their products and services to the project.

In fact, all partners we are working for a purpose: we show the Earth and our cabin to make it more yaşanbil is the bold project from each of our cities.

Well, we pAYLASTIGIN social us everything we do not share our cause our knowledge and projects in this new century? Why do millions of different materials in the race to supply so many unnecessary costs, and we are losing traffic times, we do not reduce our share to get some information?

Sharing is nice, come first in your knowledge, your know-how, technical data of your, your specifications, product information, as much of your wills of your project, your wills way, share what you want. You're working to implement to make our world and live more of our city for the project now less time Spend your.

Product introductions, meetings, document research, urine studies, service providers, spend to find the material suppliers take the time now to your life .. . And best of all, you can do just sharing ...

Because sharing is good ...

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